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Please carefully read this Website Privacy Statement as well as our Terms and Conditions, before using this website which is known as "" and which is referred to in this Website Privacy Statement as "our site" or "this site".

We are Rochester Hockey, LLC and are more commonly known as the Rochester Americans. (Rochester Hockey, LLC is referred to in this Website Privacy Statement as "we", "us", and "our".) We are the operator of this site.

As part of our site, we may gather certain types of information about visitors to our site. This is our Website Privacy Statement. It explains our privacy practices relating to our site, including the types of information we gather over our site, what we do with it and how you may correct, update, or limit our use of, personally identifiable information that we may collect over our site. By accessing or using our site, you shall be bound by, and you agree to the collection and use of your personally identifiable information as set forth in, this Statement. If you do not agree with any part of our Website Privacy Statement--including the collection and use of your personally identifiable information as set forth in this Statement, do not access or use our site.

Information that We May Collect from Individuals

We may collect information about visitors to our site, including: (1) personally identifiable information (for example, a visitor's first and last name, address, e-mail address, birthdate, credit card information, etc.); and (2) aggregate information (for example, how many total users: visit our site, access particular pages on our site, etc.).

Personally, identifiable information may be collected when visitors voluntarily submit it to register for or participate in website services. Website services may include one or more of the following elements or services which we may choose to offer on our site: (1) enrolling in an "e-mail list" in order to receive from us periodic informational e-mails, (2) participating in any public areas on our site (for example, chat room(s), bulletin board(s), etc.), (3) user feedback, (4) answering surveys, and (5) entering promotional events, contests and sweepstakes. We also may collect personally identifiable information from other areas of our site and we also may collect e-mail addresses from visitors who voluntarily contact us to seek technical assistance or other information. In addition to the uses described below (see "How We Use Personally Identifiable Information"), this information enables us to improve our site and make your online visits more productive and enjoyable.

Aggregate information tracks activity on an anonymous group basis, instead of on an individual basis (for example, the total number of visitors who have expressed common interests when registering for website services). Thus, unlike personally identifiable information, when we use or pass on to others aggregate information, the identities of individual visitors are not disclosed.

We may develop aggregate information by taking personally identifiable information which we have gathered from visitors and then organizing and compiling that information on an aggregate basis. For example, if 400 out of 1,000 visitors were to list Buffalo as an address when registering for a particular website service on our site, then we may choose to aggregate, or add together, that data so as to tell others that 40% of those registrants are Buffalo residents. Please note that unless a visitor has "opted-out" (see the section below entitled "Opting-Out: Choices Available to Visitors"), we may also use the same data in this example on a personally identifiable basis in the manner discussed in this Website Privacy Statement.

We may also collect information about visitors through technological means, including the use of IP addresses, certain tracking capability of our internet service provider's software, "cookies", or other technological means, examples of which are discussed below:

IP Addresses: Whenever you log-on to our site or other websites, your internet service provider assigns you a number which is referred to as an "IP address". Your IP address identifies your computer. Among other uses, this allows the internet signals associated with the website to which you have logged-on to be routed back to your computer.

The computer which hosts our site may be programmed so as to collect and log the IP addresses of our visitors. We may use this information to assist us in the administration of our site, to collect and report aggregate information, to monitor the use of our site, or to identify and gather personally identifiable information about users in response to certain of the special circumstances described below under the Section "How We Use Personally Identifiable Information".

Tracking through Internet Service Provider's Software: Through the software of our internet service provider we are able to obtain certain non-personal and aggregate information. This information may include: the visitor's browser (for example, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.), his or her type of operating system (for example, Macintosh, Windows, etc.) and the domain name of the visitor's internet service provider (for example, America Online). We may use this information to enhance the visitor's online experience. Additionally, we may use this information to gather aggregate information about our site.

Cookies: A cookie is a small data file that a website stores on your hard drive when you access that particular site. For example, a cookie could be programmed to "remember" your passwords and viewing preferences with respect to a given site. At present, we use "cookies" to improve our site, but not, however, to collect personally identifiable information from our visitors. You may be able to set your browser to refuse cookies from our site or to alert you when cookies are being sent. If you do deactivate your cookies function, then some areas of our site may not function properly.

By clicking on advertising material or on links which appear on our site, you can arrive at an "advertiser site" or a "linked site" and receive cookies from that site. (Please see our Terms and Conditions for a discussion of linked sites and advertiser sites; that discussion appears under the section "Links to Other Sites and Advertiser Sites".) We do not control any cookies of any advertiser sites or linked sites, and our Website Privacy Statement does not apply to them. If you have questions concerning the use by any advertiser site or linked site of cookies or about any other element relating to that site's collection, use and distribution of personally identifiable information, then you should review any privacy Statement and any other terms and conditions maintained by that site. Also, you may be able to direct any questions or concerns to the advertiser site's or linked site's website administrator or as otherwise directed by such site.

How We Use Personally Identifiable Information

A. Enrollment in our "Amerks e-mail list".

Unless you "opt-out" in the way(s) discussed in the next section, we may use personally identifiable information to enroll visitors in our "Amerks e-mail list". Participants in our "Amerks e-mail list" receive valuable information through e-mails sent from our site, including:

  1. promotional and informational materials related to our site or which we otherwise believe will be of interest to visitors (for example, materials concerning: team and player developments, upcoming Amerks' games, other events to be held at the Blue Cross Arena, etc.), and
  2. materials that advertise, market or promote (i) our goods and services (for example, ticket offers to Amerks' games or other events which we sponsor or for which tickets are sold by us at the Blue Cross Arena box office) or (ii) the goods and services of third parties (for example, information relating to products or services made available by: sponsors of the Rochester Americans, performers who appear at the Blue Cross Arena and other third parties).

Because these materials come from us, when we enroll you in our "Amerks e-mail list", we do not share any of your personally identifiable information with third parties.

B. To Send Visitors Materials From Our Affiliated Website(s).

Unless a visitor opts-out in the way(s) discussed in the next Section, we may share his or her personally identifiable information with one or more of the third parties who operate our Affiliated Website(s).

Our Affiliated Website(s) include: whose operator is Crossroads Arena LLC as well as whose operator is Buffalo Lacrosse LLC

Our purpose in sharing such visitor-related information, is to enable our visitors to receive materials from one or more of our Affiliated Website(s). Typically, these "Materials From Our Affiliated Website(s)" would be similar in scope or nature to the materials which we send to our "Amerks e-mail list" participants. The website Privacy Policies of our Affiliated Websites are available on our Affiliated Websites.

C. To Address Certain Special Circumstances

We may disclose personally identifiable information of visitors under the following special circumstances:

  1. if such information is subpoenaed or to otherwise comply with legal process;
  2. if we, in our sole judgment, believe (i) that an individual is violating our Terms and Conditions or is using our site to commit unlawful acts or acts that endanger the general public, or (ii) that disclosure is permitted or required by law: to protect the security of our site or to otherwise protect our rights, to take precautions against liability, or to respond to law enforcement or public safety investigations;
  3. if we elect to work (and, by necessity, share information) with third-party provider(s) of internet support-services in order to assist us in the collection of information on our site or in order to provide other services or tasks relating to our site; or
  4. in association with any transfer of our business or assets.

D. Other Uses

In certain instances, we may use personally identifiable information to limit the distribution of certain of the materials which we send to participants in our "Amerks e-mail list". For example, if we ask visitors to list their hobbies when they register for our website service(s) and 40% of those visitors list skiing as a hobby and participate in the "Amerks e-mail list", then we may identify and use the e-mail addresses of those visitors in order to send only to them materials which we believe may be of special interest to skiers.

Opting-Out: Choices Available to Visitors

You may opt-out from participating in our "Amerks e-mail list" or from receiving Materials From Our Affiliated Website(s) (or both). You may have several opportunities to do this.

First, you may opt-out at any time by e-mailing our Webmaster at the address set forth below.

Second, when you provide us with personally identifiable information at the time you register for any of our website services, you may be able to opt-out by clicking on the appropriate on-screen link(s) which appear on the registration form. However, in some cases, the registration format for certain website service(s) may not provide you with a mechanism to opt-out at the time you register. In those instances, unless you are already enrolled in the "Amerks e-mail list" and are already receiving Materials From Our Affiliated Website(s), we will send you a separate e-mail which will allow you to exercise your "opt-out" options by clicking on the appropriate link(s) which appear on that separate e-mail.

Third, occasionally you may also have the opportunity to opt-out when you receive "Amerks e-mail list" materials or Materials From Our Affiliated Website(s) by clicking on the appropriate link(s) which appear on those certain materials.

A decision by you to "opt-out" will become effective when you register if you "opt-out" at the time you register for a given service or as soon as we have adjusted our records if you "opt-out" at any other time. Please note that if a visitor chooses to "opt-out" in any of the ways discussed above, we may continue to (1) use or convey the visitor's personally identifiable information for the other purpose(s) contemplated by this Website Privacy Statement and (2) send to the visitor materials based on information which has been collected through means other than our site.

Questions and comments should be directed to: WEBMASTER@AMERKS.COM

By US Postal Service:
Rochester Hockey LLC
Blue Cross Arena
One War Memorial Square
Rochester, NY 14614
By Telephone: (716) 855-4000
Fax: (716) 855-4122

Additionally, for any website service, we may label as "optional" certain personally identifiable information which is being requested of visitors when they register for that service. You may choose not to provide any such "optional" information and still participate in the subject website service.

Updating or Correcting Personally Identifiable Information

If you have registered for any of our website service(s), then you may review any of your personally identifiable information, which we have collected over our site and have retained, in order to update, confirm or delete such information. You may do so by e-mailing our Webmaster at the address set forth above. As soon as practicable following our receipt of your e-mail, we will e-mail to you any of your personally identifiable information that you have provided in registering for our website service(s) and which we have retained. For security purposes, we will provide such information only to the original email address which was provided to us. If you wish to update, correct or delete the information that we have e-mailed to you, then please advise us of the changes by return e-mail to our Webmaster. As soon as practicable following our receipt of your return email, we will adjust our records accordingly.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Occasionally, contests or sweepstakes may be posted on our site. We may collect personally identifiable information when you register for contests or sweepstakes. Any such promotions would be conducted in accordance with any applicable law. (See "Miscellaneous" under our Terms and Conditions for the law governing our site.) Sometimes, the name of a promotion winner may be posted on our site, as indicated in the Official Rules of such a promotion. We may also notify a winner by e-mail.

A Special Note to Parents

It is possible for children under the age of 13 to surf the "web", including our site. We believe that parents should supervise the activities of such youngsters when they are on the internet.

At present, our site does not knowingly permit children under the age of 13 to register for any website service made available over our site or otherwise submit personally-identifiable information to us. While this Statement remains in effect, registration formats for any website service which we elect to include as a part of our site will require each registrant to set forth his or her birthdate. If the registration submitted by the visitor indicates that he or she is under the required age for that service, then our system is designed to automatically reject the submission.


We have implemented the following procedures which are designed with the objective of maintaining the security of personally identifiable information which we collect from our visitors: (i) all personally identifiable information which you provide us in registering for any website services, is stored in an account which is maintained on the computer which hosts our site, and (ii) access to that account requires a password except by the entity which operates the computer that hosts our website. Also we have instructed our website administrator, who shall have use of the password, (iii) to make the password available only to the person(s) whom he or she designates, and (iv) to provide your personally identifiable information only to: (a) those people within our organization or any third-party internet-service providers who require personally identifiable information to perform their job functions and (b) unless you opt-out, to the operators of our Affiliated Website(s) (see "How We use Personally Identifiable Information"). Unfortunately, no transmission of data over the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure, and such transmissions are done at your own risk.

Community Postings and Public Areas

Please use care when participating in any service areas that we may establish on or as a part of our site and that are open to the public. We strongly recommend that you do not post personally identifiable information on these service areas. If a visitor voluntarily discloses personally identifiable information in a public area on our site, that information, as well as the content of the posting, may be collected and used by third parties who you do not know. (Please see our Terms and Conditions for a complete description on postings in public areas of our site; that discussion takes place under the section "Visitor Postings and Submissions".)

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

Please see our Terms and Conditions for our disclaimer of any warranties concerning our site and a limitation of our and others' liability; that discussion takes place under the section "Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability".

Changes to the Website Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to amend this Website Privacy Statement at any time. Any changes shall be effective immediately upon our posting the revised Website Privacy Statement. If on one or more occasions we make any change(s) to this Website Privacy Statement, then we will post the latest date on which this Website Privacy Statement shall have been modified. That posting will appear on the home page of our site next to the icon "Website Privacy Statement". Your continued access and use of our site after we post the modified Website Privacy Statement indicates that you agree to be bound by our Website Privacy Statement as modified.

Contact Information

Questions and comments should be directed to: WEBMASTER@AMERKS.COM

By US Postal Service:
Rochester Hockey LLC
Blue Cross Arena
One War Memorial Square
Rochester, NY 14614
By Telephone: (716) 855-4000
Fax: (716) 855-4122

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