Blogs | 9/27/2011 11:19:17 AM | Don Stevens

Hall of Fame Broadcaster Don Stevens

There’s so many new things happening around here this season, that we might just as well try another one.  But, I’m not sure it’s such a good idea.  It’s been suggested I do a “blog.”  So this is where we find out why I went into the broadcast media, rather than the print media.  

Why, then, would I even think about doing a blog?  Because it seems to be the “thing” to do these days.  If you don’t have a blog, you’re not really a part of modern society… and obviously I’m really an ‘up to the moment” kind of guy.

Just to start out, here’s a few random thoughts on things that have happened since the take-over took place...

1.    The “re-uniting” of the Amerks and Sabres has created a BUZZ around Rochester (and Buffalo), far beyond what I thought there would be.

2.    The new ownership  (Terry & Kim Pegula), along with Ted Black, Darcy Regier, Rob  Kopacz (and many others) have gone way beyond to make us feel like family.   I even got a welcome email from Kim with many personal references (obviously she does her homework).  What’s more amazing, she sent one to every employee.

3.    The aggressive ticket promotion ($10 per seat for season tickets) was a great idea, but then to have it for “any seat” in the house was a stroke of genius.

4.    If there was any questions as to if the Sabres wanted to make this franchise successful, just start counting the coaches.   I’ve never seen anything like it… at least not in the minors.  There’s a Head Coach (Ron Rolston), three (I repeat – THREE) assistants, a goalie coach, a strength and conditioning coach, a video coach, etc.

5.    Now there’s two trainers… double the talent keeping these players safe and healthy.

6.    But probably more noticeable than anything is the positive attitude coming from every department in the organization.   Each person here honestly feels like things are only going to get better and better until we return to the “GLORY DAYS.”

Just about everyone is talking about the first game being October 13.  But remember, there’s another game before that. The season opener and our first broadcast will be on Saturday the 8th from Hamilton.    Be sure to join us for the first game!



VS.  Binghamton Senators  
 October 03, 2015 - 07:05 PM 1 2 3F
 Rochester Americans 1 1 46
 Binghamton Senators 1 1 02